He represented Manasa Assembly constituency of Mandsaur (now Neemuch) district of Madhya Pradesh thrice. He was a Cabinet Minister from 1993 to 2003. He was a Minister for Technical Education from 1993 to 1998 and Minister for Commerce & Industries from 1998 to 2003. Besides these two departments he also charges of Medical Education, Commercial Taxes, Rural Industry and Science & Technology. He also remained Ex-officio Chairman of 11 corporations of Madhya Pradesh Government.

 During this stint as Minister for Technical Education and Medical Education, he is credited to have formulated Technical Education Policy and Medical Education Policy because of which the intake of engineering courses which was stagnant for about 30 years at 2200 seats was raised to more than 50000 seats. In Madhya Pradesh no new Dental College since its creation was created nor a medical college after the year 1963. Intake of Dental Education at 50 and Medical Education remained stagnant at 487 new medical education policies could enable opening of a number of new Dental and Medical Colleges in the state.
He set up Rajiv Gandhi Technical University for all professional courses in Madhya Pradesh.
He is a widely travelled person having toured US, UK, France, Germany, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia etc. mainly to study Higher Education of those countries.
He worked closely with Nirmala Deshpandeyji, a staunch follower of Gandhi Darshan, Sarvodaya leader and disciple of Vinobaji, popularly known as Didi. He attended World Social Forum held in Karachi in the year 2008.
Education being his main interest, He promoted many educational institutions besides helping many other educational institutions. His conviction is that society could only be transformed through education and proved his point.
His other interests include Water Conservation. Mandsaur and Neemuch districts are among few districts of the country to exploit ground water to fullest extent which resulted in steep fall of levels of Ground Water. He motivated farmers to undertake different projects for ground water recharging.